A horse is a horse of course of course, unless its a dog…

Growing up my family always had pets, between the pets and the children we always joked ” welcome to the zoo” .  We had birds, and fish, dogs and cats , and even a rat my little brothers named after my sister’s boyfriend.  Now  that i am grown i still love having animals in my life, although i don’t want any that are caged i like the kind that are more a member of the family. We have a lovely old lab


who we got while trying to potty train the oldest. Not being above a bribe my sweetie says ” no more accidents and you get a puppy”  thanks hun now we get to house break….  Then a few years ago we rescued one of our strays that keep showing up boom


now a cat ( this one was totaly my fault but the cats are a whole nother story ).  But it’s not a secret my very favorite pet is our mastiff.  I always had small dogs as a child, Scottie’s and chi wa was and i loved them every one . Then one day my husband came home and said a friend from work ended up having a huge litter of mastiffs 13 and had three more puppies then he had arraigned for homes. I was adamant no more pets i care for them all i feed water vet visit medicate, plus aren’t mastiffs HUGE? I went on-line and started Googling mastiffs, all in the effort to show how bad of an idea this was of course. I researched and i looked and i feel in love. Maybe we could just make the two-hour drive just to… You know visit. Yeah right like a pot head  is headed to Colorado for scenery.  When we brought her home she could run under the coffee table she was so small, now  she wouldn’t fit under it laying on her side.


I am so used to her size that i forget to other people she is big, but of all the pets i have ever owned  my squish is the most kind and gentle.  Animals add a little something special to lives I’m  glad i have mine.


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