Rolling like a nazi (its not as bad as it sounds)

” ug my arm is sore” I say to my husband, and bless his heart even after all these years and knowing the awnser is probably stupid ( and long-winded)he still asks.So you know how you will walk out the door and walk straight into a spider web and you jump and shout and generally act like it was waiting just for you and will now fall upon your jugular like an old school vampire of popular culture ( not the more user friendly sexy vampire)? Ok now imagine riding along on your mowerimage

minding your own business and boom COATED with web, now thankfully we have a big yard because the mower was on its own as I patted at my self  paying special attention to my hair because I have a thing about bugs and my hair.  So after the second time that happened today I decided to put my hand up to ” trigger the web” before my face got to them but after just a bit I realized I was mowing hitler style image

and that just wont do, so I grabbed a branch to hold in front of me while I was mowing  more  with of a lance style


( because a knight is much better than a Nazi )and that is how my arm got sore.

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