When i was your age i rode a tornado to school up hill both ways…

imageToday I was thinking about stereotypes and perspective. When I was in grade school one of my class mates had a cousin come visit from California, still to this day I remember how surprised she was we had in door plumbing.  I have found that often people view my state as a cross between the pre techno color wizard of oz, and twister. We have our fair share of yee-ha and howdy, but there is also culture ( I have been told) and an abundance of kindness. While I don’t physically get out much and do a lot of traveling, I have in the recent past gotten to know people from all over via the internet. It’s not the same I know but its a cost-effective start, for instance I realized every thing I knew about Australia was based on crocodile Dundee  and rescuers down under.  My information on Canada was from Canadian  Bacon ( staring john candy) and dudly doo right. Was it just possible every one from California was not  like the cast of 90210.  I want one day to see for myself, but as with most things admitting a problem is the first step. Untill then I will ( try to) reserve judgement and let go of some stereotypes ( while quite possibly living up to others they are stereotypes for a reason after all).

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