Eyore had it right all along.

imageI’m feeling very Peter Pan lost boys today, I don’t want to be a grown up it’s just too much. I know im not alone in this, but i often wonder if this is a generational thing. Did we grow up with out enough hardship? Were their people of by gone eras looking around and saying ” being grown up is bull shit”  I want footie p.j.’s and  animal crackers and nap time ( or as the case may be, lemonade, nightgowns and sleeping past dawn) Or is this  just us( me) I know I had it easier than my parents and my kids have it easier than I did. Are we as a generation less? are our feelings  any different then the past? Or are we now, as we were raised to be; just more comfortable speaking of our feelings even the childish unjustified ones?  Just wondering….

One thought on “Eyore had it right all along.

  1. We have more outlet, more opportunity to “vent” .. To speak our true feelings and not be judged (however “silly”) also.. There are a LOT of Peter Pan days for me.. I can relate!! :))

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