Today’s post brought to you by the letters P and M

imageThere is a place inside my head that is dark gloomy.  I am all to often told to just quit being so negative , but as far as emotions go self-doubt is the pop eye of them all.  But at the same time i have this Polly Anna view of  some things, things are pretty damn good.I want things to be good and with just a little procrastination  mixed with small doses of frantic motivation I just keep trucking.  So today lets talk about words that start with the letter P…

  • Procrastination , ahh sweet sweet internet
  • Pessimism, it will not be ok no matter what
  • Polly Anna, unless its better than ok
  • Personal space, why is that person looking at me as they drive by?

And the letter M…

  • Motivation, let’s organize the sheets by size and season
  • Manic , ach why are the can goods in different sized cans?! Never  mind, I’m  just going to go nap
  • Mine, like the birds on finding Nemo once its mine ill hold it to me till the hoarders crew gets here ( or untill it flops away)
  • Misplacement, it was just here I swear why do we have so much crap?

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