And then there was me….

imageWe just got back from a three-day two night fishing trip at a semi local lake, it was wonderful! I love building memories like that with my husband and children. I spent three days packing the vehicle making sure we had the fully stocked medicine kit, the clothes, the food( thank you pintrest for helping me set my goals too high, doesn’t matter how nice those meals are if you cheep out on the baggies and everything fills with water No One wants to eat that. So we ate a few more chips and hot dogs then I had planned and they were twice as yummy. )  Bug spray and sun screen, books and playing cards, it looked like we we’re headed west to stake our claim. The first night we had typical Kansas camping  weather, 50 mile an hour winds ( give or take ) rain, lighting. The tent that we had purchased earlier this year and set up in the yard for a week to check its durability and weather proof ness, it leaked then collapsed then leaked some more ( at one point my husband was single handily supporting the three room tent against winds that  im pretty sure would make the news if it had been in a city)  one o’ clock in the morning had us out side rigging the ” rain fly” and poles and yet our children slept thru it all only once waking up and when told its fine went right back to sleep. Makeing me both envious and happy they have such great faith in things being alright..  But yet it was still great. We woke the next morning and feasted on sausage and mushy hashbrowns because I forgot the oil and they were super tasty there with the sunrise and the lake in the background.we unplugged we talked we veged just enjoying being together. The girls discovered the joys of a ” pit style toilet” that had to be hiked to( a lot it was hot so we were pushing the water we probably made that trudge 25 times in the 48 hrs we were there.) we were very careful to make sure the kids were lotion and sprayed they were fed and well rested….. Then there was me I have the complexion that allows for a choice between so pale im clear and damn your burnt. I used the sun screen spray but it didn’t take I guess I applied it a bit more willy nilly on me, i look like a red and white zebra like the punch line to my own joke whats red and white and itchy all over ? Awnser . Me! Did i mention i have some sort of fatal attraction thing going with mosquitos? My hubby no bug spray no bites, me bug spray , covered with bites. But still totally worth it this one will go im my memory bank with my most precious of times, i highly recommend takeing the time to spend a long harrowing time with your family over a few days eating food off metal sticks with questionably clean hands and smelling of ( quite frankly too much) nature. Sleep in a tent and see your children’s faces lit with a campfire rather than a video screen. Just do a good job with your sun screen, now im off to reapply a layer of the green goofy stuff ( maybe this time ill only peel once)

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