The year i dated a jewish guy, kinda

imageSo my husband and i started dating when we were both 18, i had just started college and he was still living at home( yes i am a bit of a cradle robber he is 6 mo. Younger than me)  it was right before christmas when i stopped by to see him, as we were leaving sitting in the driveway i asked him why there was no tree at their house. Now i think its important to understand i am essentially an honest person and as such my b.s. Detector is almost non-existent . So he turns to me and says there is no tree because they are jewish( i was raised in rural Kansas ya’ll cultured and diversity was not my strong point, it was before the internet turned the world into the melting pot it is now. When i was a kid the computer was for Oregon trails that’s it.) so i nod my head and move on. We had been dating for a little over a year when the holidays were approaching again and i was to spend a portion of them with his family, i walk thru the door and there stands the biggest beautiful real tree decked out in all the trimmings and i get choked up. I walk to his mom and tell her thank you but the tree was not necessary just for me, she says but we always have a tree….. Now here is where the less gullible would have shut up but instead i go on to question why a jewish household would have a tree , and ask why i saw no tree the yer before. Turns out my dear husband was pulling my leg not realizing at the time the extent of my gullibility, and then promptly forgot .  Well they say you should marry a guy who can make you laugh……

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