Don’t i know you? Aka ” to all the ones i loved before”🎶

imageI have known so many people in my life, wonderful people, horrible people, boring people. I am not a well-traveled person, so even though i have met so many people it’s still just a tiny fraction of a percent of amazing people there is.  But here’s the thing i am not good at staying in touch even with people i truly care for, even with people who mattered to me, i don’t know if it is lazy, introverted, or just plain crappy of me( or all of the above) but i always think it will be less busy, more calm, quieter if i do it tomorrow or on the weekend. Even with the advent of social networks relationships slip thru the cracks, days turn into months and friends turn into  acquaintances and into strangers. I may know you have a new puppy, or a new baby,just got a job ( or lost one) but its all very voyeuristic when you can’t see my smile and i cant hear your voice.  Things happen, life happens, it happens every day to each one of us but then i get a reminder a forgotten memory dragging forth people from my past.and i stop and i wonder, and realise its been to long and it makes me sad but i still remember you my friends just like in time travel every little thing you did shaped and changed my life.Thank You

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