Have you seen my list?

imageI am a procrastinator extraordinaire, from an early age i liked to ride the panicked rush of last minute accomplishment. Now as i have grown older that particular adrenalin drug has lost its kick and i sometimes totter from procrastination into just plain not getting it done( i know shocking right!?) so if i need a motivation tool i make a list. This technique is often used before trips, parties, holidays, and overnight guests.  My list starts out segmented by categories and often room and or shopping location, it’s not unusual for me to have a master list to guide me thru my sub lists. My list start small, then grow more often than shrink even when i get stuff done i add at a faster rate then i subtract.  It goes like this clean the top of fridge but while im up there i notice spots on the pot rack so then that needs cleaned then while i have all the pots down i might as well polish up the copper on them( which never gets done but while the pots are down something will get splattered on them so then they all need washed)!. I have put stuff on my lists that i already did just so i can cross them off. The list is my nemeses that i will never beat, my husband will look on and go oh no she’s making lists. The list is my guide to crazy luckily i lose them more often than not…..

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