Shit i thought i had invented.

imageSo we are still working on the kitchen ( pics and post to come) and i hit a bit of a rough spot where the ladder got me vertical but i also needed horizontal so i ” invented” scotchie a paint brush attached to a stick with scotch tape. I’m sure somewhere there is a slightly less ridiculous version of this,i felt it was brilliant my husband found it so funny he stopped his job and got a camera. Here he is laughing and takeing photos why i diligently keep working all the while explaining how it i is the ninja  of painting tools because the stick was the kind you screw the roller on the end of to make it longer. It got me thinking about all the things that have popped into my head all boom awesome idea, things i have never seen before but then it turns out it has existed for years i just don’t get out much. Extenders on sun visors in cars to make them go a bit father so they actually block the sun( came with that in seventh grade alas it already existed) . I used to write poetry a lot i wrote a beautiful one about love read it to my sister and she said ” yeah  i always loved Corinthians but i don’t think you got the verse quite right hold on i have it on a book mark somewhere”  poetry blocked by The Lord damn that’s harsh. So i guess i better go grab scotchie  and get back to work, i hate cutting in….

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