You like my butt? Its bossy!

imageMy nick name as a child was little miss bossy butt, i would like to pretend it was not deserved. It was not only totally deserved  it’s still relevant. Although i go by not quite as little Mrs. Bossy butt these days. I find bossiness to be a life skill, i call it administratively gifted. Im not sure how one person can be both indecisive, shy AND bossy but i pull it off. My husbands theory is we have children so i should go mother them( and i do, Thank you very much) . I think my bossy tendencies are directly tied to my natural noseyness, still seeing skills here.  As a direct result of these skills i have almost no desire to take step by step direction from others. I think mostly this has to do with the fact my process will probably differ with theirs( mine being the right way and all) as long as the end result is the same then why not do it my way.  There are actually only a few things in my life ( insert husbands laugh/ scorn here)  i insist on my way is the only way. Towel folding, dishwasher loading, fitted sheet folding…. Ok that’s about it.  I might of ( certainly) inadvertently missed a few.  So to recap , my butt its a boss(y) one, but that’s ok.

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