The book was better…

imageI have not always enjoyed reading, in fact in my early school years i was in what was call remedial reading( no PC terms for us growing up) but even when i couldn’t read there for didn’t wish to read i enjoyed stories read out loud to me. The written word is the most diverse travel agent known to man. People would read to me, my reading teacher would perch over me ruler in hand, it was hard so it was resented. Id receive books from well-meaning elderly aunts, all to no avail. then one day i started a book that caught my interest The B.F.G. And because i liked it so much i read it even though it was hard. And like the saying goes because i was reading i was practicing and by practicing it got easier. My story is not special it’s not unusual, but its mine just like the picture in my head when i read is mine. Every story every word colored in by me  i am  and will be forever grateful for the power of the written word.  People say kids don’t read these days, but im here to tell you  it’s just not true just keep putting those books in front of them a gift of truly unlimited possibilities.

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