Im sorry i was an ass

Note to anyone who knew me ever ( and probably some people who will know me in the future) im sorry i was an ass, that time when i was 13 and thought pedestrians have the right of way ment pedestrians can be an ass and hold up traffic yep im sorry i was an ass.  To that person behind me in line with five things when i stood there with thirty and didn’t offer you my spot, yep sorry i was an the countless people i  ( who may or may not of deserved it) have flown the bird to sorry.  To the ones who have loved me who i raised my voice to, the ones who knew me and i drifted from, the ones who were innocent and even the ones who were guilty sorry to them  as well. This isn’t the post i started out to write amongst all the Mother’s Day blogs today, but probably the most fitting. After all just last week my husband looked at me after dealing with our children all day and said ” you need to call your mom and apologize for all the crap you did as a child”  so happy Mother’s Day  and im sorry i was an ass. image

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