And because i was good at it….

imageGrowing up i wasnt allowed to mow i am so habitually clutzy apparently there was concern i might run over my own foot with the mower. That lack of youthful mowing may be the root of my enjoyment of the activity now. I am normally chomping at the bit when spring hits ready to hop on the mower and drive my way around over and thru the couple of acres  we call ” yard” . I think the real reason i love to mow is it takes just enough concentration and physical effort that i have a focus , with enough noise to not be bothered with just about any outside distractions( the mower is like the polar opposite of the bathroom you know how as a parent you go into the bathroom or anser  a phone call and all of a sudden the kids need something , something right gosh darn now !  well the mower is noisy dirty and all the way outside so you are only interrupted for the very most important things) my mind can merrily wander for hours as i mow and so because im good ( ish) at it and because  no one will pay me i just keep on mowing for free. The yard needs mowed right now but we are on day two of kitchen overhaul 2014 so it will have to wait, i will share pictures of before and after mostly just painting  but so much fun/ work.

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