Cheese fetish

image I admit it i have a cheese fetish, in this case im using definition #2. As definition one would probably be sacrilegious,image and definition three would be unsanitary and not to judge but umm ew. imageAccording to the internet ( bastion of questionable data) there are over 900 ish types of cheeses.  My earliest birthday memory is of requesting and receiving tator tots with cheese on them for my birthday treat. Cheese can make almost anything that tastes good taste better. Cheese is both ingredient and condiment. It is a good source of calcium, and an unfortunate source of calories. When i joined an online  health tracking ( read diet) site my screen name was cheese on everything. I found a sharp espresso bean cheddar awhile back, cheese and coffee ? It was so hard and sharp omg get in my mouth! If i had to pick two food items to live off the rest of my life it would be cheese and coffee. I love me some coffee but that’s a whole nother ball of twine. Crap now im hungry…. I know im not alone in my cheese love affair i found so many sites devoted to cheese while i was doing ” research” on cheese numbers, my a.d.d. led me astray to cheese of the month clubs, mail order cheese,  and a youth organization called ” naughty cheese” ( dont judge me it was research)image

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