Cheese fetish? Bugs? Boobs?

So in starting to write todays post i  kinda fritzed out so many useless ramblings i cant wait to thrust upon the world. I think today we will discuss my fear of June bugs, for those of you that don’t know this is a June bug.     image They are clumsy noisy things that will send me screaming into the night not only do they have no sence of direction( other than getting in your hair like it’s a homing beacon) they have little creepy legs that snag and rattley wings.  I have been known to go to some extremes to escape these little crunchy horrors( did i mention they are biggish and crunchy so even squashing them is nasty). One night i was waiting for my sweetie to come in from outside i was thoughtfully holding the door open for him when out of nowhere a huge june bug came RIGHT at me i screamed and ducked , unfortunately i was too close to the brick wall at the time and  ended  up concussing myself in the process. It hurt something terrible tears stinging my eyes i went inside and collapsed to the floor with the sounds of laughter ringing in my ears. Damn bug. To be fair i should tell this story from another perspective, ” you were just standing there when all of a sudden you screamed head butted the wall and went inside. How could i not laugh?” This incident was the start of a 17 year disagreement about both the validity of the word concussed, and my ability of my now husband to deal with an emergency( of which this clearly was). Well that’s my time for today folks duty calls perhaps we can talk on boobs or cheese tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Cheese fetish? Bugs? Boobs?

  1. I like the way you express yourself. I enjoyed reading your take on June Bugs. In my neck of the woods, ‘June bugs’ are also called ‘lightning bugs’ because they have an incandescence at night. Not sure we’re talking about the same bug or not. 🙂 I wrote a story called ‘June Bugs’ and it is on my blog.

    I’ve read several of your posts – very enjoyable. I particularly liked the one you wrote for Mother’s Day about being sorry. Made me grin! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! We have lighting bugs here as well they are less offensive, the ones i run from are kinda fat clumsy Beatles . I aprishiate the support, i will have to stop by and see your take on the insect world.

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