This fence is actualy quite comfy thank you very much.

imageimageI love having opinions i have opinions on soooo many things, i have opinions on things that are none of my damn business quite frankly. At any given minute on almost any given subject i have something to say. But see that’s the great thing about opinions they are mine sometimes informed sometimes not i don’t state them as fact( most the time anyway) . I do however have a tendency to buck and fight if asked to make a decision, it’s not that i don’t have an opinion it’s that i doubt the validity of my opinion when asked to make it a fact. I see both sides a lot of the time or feel im right but not more so then you. so on the fence i sit, now i know it is an annoying habit ( especially to you oh you decisive few with the black and the white ) i however sit here looking at many shades of grey, literally in this case. We are repainting our kitchen cabinets  and im leaning towards grey, yes i know it might make it seem small or dark, gloomy even so im thinking gray and….. Something.  But I’ll have to look at this for a while i want it right. When we finally moved into our first house i was so so soo tired of apartment neutrals beige was not an option, by the time i was done it ” looked like a drunk clown got ahold of this place”.  the kitchen i lovingly picked a brick and burnt yellow color thinking Tuscany, the second time we had company some one said ketchup and mustard and then i couldn’t unsee it.  When we moved into our current house we went back to a straw beigy color now finally i am ready to try again. So i have it narrowed down to six to eight colors  and i sit on my fence trying to decide so i decided to blog instead when in doubt procrastinate                            imageimage

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