What are you thinking? You’ll just laugh….

imageSo often people ask what are you thinking, when what they really mean is how are your feelings? I ask my husband this question several times a day the answer is almost always ” not much” im sure there is a joke there but its early and i guess im feeling nice/ lazy.  After he answers he always asks me” what are you thinking”  my answer in never ” not much”  if it is then im fibbing thru my teeth. Here is a list from the last 24 hrs of what i was thinking when asked. 1 mailboxes and who decides they should be all on one side of the road sometimes and not others. 2. Ants and a t.v. Special i saw where they filled the colony with aluminum or something then sold it as art to rich people and how it was surely full of dead ants ewwww 3. Censored 4. Where do i know that actor from i know he was in something his face is familure 4b. It’s funny how bad i am with names , famous people, band names, street names, song names, names of people i have met two or three times but was busy with a self judgey internal dialog and didn’t catch what their name was and now its to late because we have talked like three times and i should know their name or asked in conversation number two .  To be honest there is probably a few more times i was asked and it is defiantly just a peek .Growing up this constant thought process was considered spacey( to be honest it still is my oldest has the space gene)  but however you label it  is who i am  so if you ask what im thinking i will tell you as long as you don’t laugh too hard. But if you ask about my feelings….. Thats a whole nother blog.

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