Hideing my yee-haw under a bushel

imageI grew up rural, bare feet callused from not wearing shoes all summer, pick mulberries from the trees and shove them into my mouth with dusty stained purple fingers country. Since then i have gotten older and havent climbed a cherry tree in a while,but today riding down the highway with the ac blasting to keep out the unseasonably hot air i felt a sudden desire to lean my seat back roll down my window and stick my feet out into the sun and wind.  Summer is here in Kansas already with temps hitting over a hundred, and even though my second impulse was to squash the childish notion of feeling the wind between my toes i did it and it was AWESOME!  I slept all dozy going down the highway a trusting passenger  i  woke with a cat-like stretch and a good attitude. I don’t know when i became the person i am today, but i think i am going to work on freeing up the girl who climbed trees and waded in the river she was pretty fun to hang out with. So if you happen to be going thru Kansas and see a fluffy red-head stuck in a tree or wandering along with a melting icecream cone in her hand, stick a hand ( or a foot) out the window and say howdy.

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