Rusty, dusty, and cool

imageI like old things. Retro, vintage , antique  stuff from eras gone by tickle  my fancy. Old pictures , old furniture,  old people( old people have stories i couldn’t even compete with).  Stories like ” when i was a teenager  work was scarce so i hopped the rail to Georgia to pick peaches” and im over hear when i was a teenager i climbed a silo.  We have taken to refinishing old furniture in our spare time it’s a dirty fascinating learning curve and i love it. I love looking at pieces and wondering who sat here,who touched this, loved it, hated it.  We are currently doing  a child’s Woden chair and a clock, fyi  those old clocks explode like the cartoon versions when the springs break. But out of all the things i like, glass is my favorite, perhaps because im so naturally clutzy i was not allowed to use glass dishes for years and years as a child. What i collect isn’t normally art type glass, it’s the big pressed glass bowl used for generations of potato salad, its the little glass basket filled with hard candy, the pretty cake plates and salt cellars.  Things that were used and yet maintained their simple beauty, i hope one day i can look i the mirror and see this old person who had purpose was functional, and yet still persevered. It’s nice to remember in good times and in bad all that have come before us, my problems and your problems are no less real for all they are different but we as a species are a determined lot and as long as we keep plugging along  one day our efforts will be the rusty dusty and cool for future generations.

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