Fire baaaaad

imageI love to bake, i enjoy cooking, and even am a decent hand at the grill… That being said i have in the past caught shit on fire. Not just wow that’s a lot of smoke ,more look how glowy those flames are. In our first apartment we had an electric stove a bit of a switch up for me. I had learned how to cook on a gas stove by eye balling how high the flames were. Let me tell you now eye balling how orange the coil has gotten is just not the same. Also while im handing out helpful hints from the cupcake … Oven safe is not the same as stove top safe. And so if you are using a pirex baking dish on the stove top coils to melt the last bit of wax from the cool glass candle jar the whole thing will explode sending your significant other running into the room screaming ” NO cook on high” but no fire that time. I have in the past had the bad habit of storing dishes i didn’t want to hand wash in the oven leaving them there when i preheated. Still no flames but a lot of melted plastic . Once my doors on my car froze shut so i heated some salt water up to pour on them, forgot to turn off the burners and started a grease fire on the stove top no permanite damage done thank god. I used our shiny gas grill one time to try to cook chicken, i can use our charcoal grill just fine. When using the gas grill the chicken caught on fire, i shut the grill down completely and yet the chicken was all fantastic four ” flame on” and the insides … Raw ew.  But to be fair i do once or twice a year purposely light up some marshmallows, mmmm black and flakeie my favorite.

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