If you don’t know what your doing keep doing it till it works. ( or breaks then blame it on the children)

image So it is probably not a shock that i have never blogged before, crap i just relized i popped my blog cherry with no real consideration. It was pointed out to me that perhaps i should explaine the idea behind my blog and tell you more about my self. I got to admitt im feeling kinda forest gumpy when he doesnt want to get on the school buss with strangers.  But here it goes im a socialy awkward thirty something from kansas im often f.i.n.e. And perpetualy fluffy. I have pets and two children and a husband. Im a gulliable pessimist and a bit of a flipperdy jippit . And as far as what i hope you get from my blog … A laugh cuz i cant make stuff this stupid up its my life so im gonna fake it till i break it. Or something like that. I forgot to say even though i don’t know what i am doing just stick with me i didn’t know how to make apple sauce at one point now i rock at it, toss enough sugar in that bitch and its tasty stuff.

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