For those of you who dont hear voices

Welcome to my ” blog”  it will likely be a long wandering trip thru my  often quirky thoughts. I apologize in advance for my lack of grammar and class hold not my teachers responsable . Im kinda a concept person more than a detail oriented type and well that’s just how its going to be. Couple quick things about me since we are still in that awkward getting to know each other phase, im a mom. Boom that’s right i made humans with my naughty bits and have kept them alive in spite of themselfs. The humans not the naughty bits ( they are still alive as well btw) . I never shut up i am constantly talking, if not out loud then in my head. So i really hear voice not voices, unless im feeling bitchy in there then i might mock in a bad accent. Still probably counts as one voice though hmm damn ok  new title for those of you who don’t hear voice. 

Now it sounds like a blog for the deaf,it’s not although all are welcome here( except grammar police) i guess the in your head was implied at least it was, in my head. Wow ok any hoo welcome i hope you find my blog a funny diversion or at the very least something to make you feel better about yourself . By the end my brain will seem like baby bears portage just right, but please don’t eat my brain cuz eww zombies not my thing.not sure about portage come to think about it.

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